Tips: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent frozen pipes with these quick tips from Axil Plumbing & Heating

The weather outside is frightful and the fire truly is delightful… unless it isn’t enough to keep the pipes in your home from freezing.

With falling temperatures it seems we see a spike in calls relating to frozen water lines. Most people don’t often think about the possibility of water lines freezing. In reality, frozen lines can strike any home, regardless of the condition or age.

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Without further ado, here are our best tips to keep your water lines flowing through even the coldest winter weather.

  1. INSULATE WATER LINES – insulate any water lines in areas of concern. Often below cabinets or between heated spaces are the most vulnerable. Know that insulation alone is not enough to keep a line from freezing. All water lines should be in a heated conditioned space for best results.
  2. USE HEAT TAPE – or other tools to assist with preventing freezing in areas of concern.
  3. SLOW DRIP WATER – keep a slow trickle of water coming from both the hot and cold sides to keep water moving in the lines and reduce the chances of freezing.
  4. REMEMBER DRAINS – drain lines are also important to remember during cold spells. Keep the area below sinks warm by cracking or opening the cabinets to allow warm air in. Assist with a space heater (use with caution) or heat lamp to supplement if needed.
  5. IF A FREEZE HAPPENS – shut off your water supply at the main to prevent leaks in case of a burst/split pipe. Thaw the pipe and slowly turn the water back on at the main and monitor closely to check for water leaks. Listen for leaks that could be under the floor or in the walls. If you notice any water leaks, turn off the water and call our office immediately for repairs.

That’s the long and short of it. With these tips in hand you’re set for a winter of whatever mother nature throws your way. If you get cought in a bind or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or text for help – we’re here for you!