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Lochinver Noble Fire Tube Combi Boiler


Our team of boiler specialists was excited to install the new fire tube combi boiler from Lochinvar – the Noble. In fact, we installed TWO Noble systems back-to-back in a duplex in the Orchard Homes area of Missoula.

The owners considered other combi boilers on the market looking to meet both the hot water heat and domestic hot water production. They ultimately settled on the new Noble boiler due to its price and the dependability of the Lochinvar brand. The combination of heat and hot water from a single unit saves space and maintenance costs compared to a traditional water heater and boiler setup.

The equipment is compact enough that these systems were installed in two laundry areas inside the duplex. The existing side-by-side washer and dryer was stacked and the Noble combi system is now on the wall where the dryer once was.

We are excited about the Noble product for a few reasons including the usability of the controls – which provide diagnostic info in real words instead of codes or flashing lights. The 10:1 turndown ratio means the Noble can ramp down the amount of BTUs it uses depending on the demand of the system at any given time, as low as 10% of the capacity. Most traditional boilers just jam the entire heat load into the entire system at once or are limited to smaller, double stage setups that often ramp down to 80% or so of full capacity. The turndown ratio will be unnoticed by the user with the faster response time and the development of patent-pending smart control technology which Lochinvar claims eliminates the “cold water sandwich” that comes with most combi boilers.

Release of the boiler to mountain states is expected soon and we look forward to seeing the market response to this system – and we expect to see a LOT more combi boiler systems in the area – anywhere space, product price, maintenance cost, and operation costs are a concern – and everyone has to be considering at least one of these factors, right?


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